About Mission 9:41

Mission 9:41 is a call for Christians to take on a posture of humility and compassion as we seek to listen to and learn from those who have been marginalized by the Christian community.

For a more detailed explanation of the mission, visit this page. The implementation of this project is two-fold:

  • Local, in-person discussion groups. The end goal is to inspire local communities of Christians to start conversations where they are–whether such conversations take place in churches, at coffee shops, or on hiking trails. There’s no formal process to starting a group–just do it! If you want some tips on structuring a meeting, though, feel free to visit this page.
  • An online forum of resources and dialogue. This website will serve as a central hub of resources for the conversations that will take place in person. We offer a large list of resources that focus on capturing the voices of the marginalized. Additionally, the blog on this website will provide an opportunity for the marginalized to share their perspectives without fear of judgment. And, finally, we hope to foster healthy, door-opening dialogue online via social media.


The Mission 9:41 blog consists of open writing submissions that we call, “Lectures.” These are stories, experiences, rants, or pieces of advice from people who have been mistreated, ignored, silenced, harmed, or otherwise marginalized by individual Christians or Christian communities. If this describes you, we want to hear from you–not so that we can convert you or prove you wrong, but so that we can understand what we are doing wrong. You are our teachers, and we’re here to learn from you. On here, you can share your story anonymously with people who really are trying to listen. Please, teach us!

If you would like to submit a story regarding your own difficult experiences in the church, visit this page.

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